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Anatel and Aneel hold post sharing conference

The National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) and the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) are launching the “Regulatory Impact Analysis Grants for the Revision of Electricity Pole Sharing Regulation by Telecommunication Service Providers”. On this topic, will be held, this Wednesday (09/26), at 11 am, in the mini-auditorium of Anatel, a press conference of the president of Anatel, Juarez Quadros, and the director general of Aneel, André Pepitone. Contributions to the grant can be made from Wednesday, in the Public Consultation Monitoring System (SACP), no. 28, until 10/31. The intention of the Agencies is to improve the regulation (Joint Resolution No. 4/2014), which establishes the rules for the Fixing Points of telecommunications equipment and their wiring in the power poles.

Anatel e Aneel realizam coletiva sobre compartilhamento de postes - Grupo Avanzi
Anatel and Aneel hold post sharing conference – Grupo Avanzi

Of the 46 million electricity poles in the country, 9 million are in the most urgent situation because they have wiring of four or more telecommunications companies. In many regions there are dozens of companies vying for space. The most critical states are: São Paulo (3 million posts), Minas Gerais (1 million), Paraná (1 million), Rio de Janeiro (800 thousand) and Rio Grande do Sul (600 thousand). According to text submitted by the Regulatory Agencies, the future 5G small cells should further increase the occupancy of the poles.

Joint Resolution No. 4/2014 establishes at R $ 3.19 the price of the Fixing Point, to be paid by the telecommunications providers, to the energy companies holding the poles, if no other amount is agreed. This has increased the dispute between companies, according to the Grant Making document. Possible solutions range from making public the values ??of contracts to regionalizing the amount to be paid.


Date: 09/26/2018

Hours: 11am

Venue: Anatel mini-auditorium South Councils, block 6, block E, 2nd floor.

Source: Anatel

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