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Anatel conducts anti-piracy operation in 11 states

Anatel realiza operação antipirataria em 11 estados

The National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) carried out on Tuesday (17/9), a major anti-piracy operation, in 11 states, with equipment distributors and telecommunications product companies, to seal or seize non-approved and non-certified equipment. . Tuesday’s actions resulted in more than 23,000 irregular products sealed or seized. The main types of irregular products were optical equipment, restricted radiation transceivers and TV Boxes. The operation continues in the coming days.

The actions involved 55 inspectors, divided into 20 teams. The inspectors worked in the states of the South (Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul) and Southeast (São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo), Amazonas, Goiás, Pernambuco, Piauí and Tocantins regions and were based on complaints received by the Agency. To support the field teams, coordinate the work and consolidate the results, a Situation Room was installed in Brasilia (DF), with seven Anatel servers. The purpose of the operation was to curb the commercialization of irregular telecommunications products by distributors, suppliers and importers.

Anatel’s decision to supervise the companies had as its starting point several complaints received. In recent months, the Agency has received a number of complaints from telecommunications product manufacturers and associations about the marketing of non-certified products. After verifying the consistency of the complaints, Anatel teams went out to inspect 52 addresses in 11 states.

“This operation is the consecration of a great effort that Anatel’s Inspection has been making within the Piracy Action Plan, to investigate in detail the complaints we received and to act jointly with other management bodies such as Federal Police, who actively participated in part of today’s actions, ”said Anatel’s Superintendent of Inspection, Igor de Moura.

Fight anti-piracy

Anatel lacra cerca de 23 mil produtos
Anatel seals around 23,000 products | source: Anatel

The anti-piracy operation that began on Tuesday is part of PACP 2019 (Action Plan to Combat Piracy). The Plan was created by Anatel to combat the commercialization of non-homologated telecommunications products, in order to protect consumers and users of telecommunications networks, as irregular products affect the quality of service and pose a threat to health and safety. due to the use of low quality materials that may contain toxic components, and have not been subjected to mechanical and electrical testing or emission limits of electromagnetic radiation. Uncertified products may interfere with other services, including critical operations such as aeronautical communications.

Fighting the marketing of non-homologated products also contributes to competition in the telecommunications products market between manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and importers. Based on the notifications, the Agency institutes administrative procedures that may result in sanctions to companies that, in the process, are entitled to contradictory and broad defense.

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