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Anatel holds international satellite monitoring meeting

Anatel realiza encontro internacional de monitoramento de satélites

From September 3 to 5, Anatel promoted the 21st edition of the International Space Radio Monitoring Meeting (ISRMM), in Rio de Janeiro / RJ. The event, held annually, aimed to promote the exchange of information on spatial spectrum monitoring and interference investigation procedures in satellite networks, as well as on the latest technological and regulatory developments related to space radiomonitoring.

At the opening of the event, Anatel’s vice president, adviser Emmanoel Campelo, highlighted the strategic relevance of satellite communications for a country of continental dimensions such as Brazil. He stressed that this technology will play an important role for 5G and the Internet of Things. In his speech, the director mentioned that, in addition to the investments for the acquisition of equipment, resources are being allocated to training Anatel’s servers; Today the Agency has 30 trained technicians, spread over several states.

Councilor Vicente Aquino stressed the importance for Brazil to “host the event that involves knowledge and infrastructure of such high technology, shared only by select countries.” He also highlighted the discussion, currently in his office’s rapporteurship, of alternatives for the coexistence of 5G technology with satellite TV reception, in addition to the launch by Telebrás of the only national satellite that covers 100% of the Brazilian territory, to ensure the country’s sovereignty in government communications and the provision of broadband internet in locations not served by terrestrial networks.

Major Brigadier Chã highlighted the longstanding cooperation between Anatel and the defense agencies and thanked him for the opportunity to participate in the ISRMM. Senator Arolde de Oliveira stressed the importance of coexistence between technologies and recalled that, from a young age, he has become accustomed to “imagining radiofrequency emissions as red waves and that today the world is completely covered by them considering all technologies. existing”.

Conducted by the Superintendent of Inspection, Igor Moreira, the event was also attended by the Superintendent of Granting and Provision Resources, Vinícius Caram; the head of the International Office, Taís Niffinegger; from Anatel’s ombudsman, Thiago Botelho; and Telebrás president Waldemar Ortunho Júnior.

Lectures and technical visit

The first day of ISRMM was dedicated to the symposium which was attended by over 100 representatives from 16 nationalities, including regulators, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), members of the Armed Forces of Brazil and satellite companies. Presentations were made on interference cases, spatial measurements, challenges and new monitoring techniques, compatibility tests with 5G and on the Geostationary Defense Satellite and Strategic Communications (SGDC).

On the second day, a technical visit was made to the Anatel Satellite Monitoring Station (EMSAT), where it was possible to know equipment and solutions used to monitor satellites and terrestrial emissions, including mobile services, which help in the treatment of cases of interference. The presentations were made by servers from various regional managements and the Orbit and Broadcast Spectrum Management (SOR). In the afternoon, event attendees visited the facilities of Telebrás’ Secondary Space Operations Center (Cope-S), which is responsible for the operation and monitoring of the SGDC.

On Thursday, September 5, the Regulators’ Meeting was held, attended by the ITU and representatives of 12 administrations: Germany, Brazil, Qatar, China, South Korea, United States, France, Greece, Kuwait, Oman , United Kingdom and Vietnam. Proposals for interference reporting, cases of frequency band disturbances used for terrestrial scientific services, approaches to addressing interference from non-geostationary satellites and the Global Navigation Satellite System, and the location of terrestrial signals were discussed. using drones.

The next edition of ISRMM will be organized by ITU in Switzerland. See the presentations of the event at:

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