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Licenciamento Anatel

Radiocommunication Licensing

Full responsibility throughout the process. From pre-analysis to project award and execution, Avanzi Group offers the best services for your company!

  • ANATEL Licensing (all services)
  • Homologation in ANATEL products
  • Rental and Approved Equipment

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Did you know your equipment may be unlicensed?
Avoid inconvenience and leave the paperwork with us!

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Why choose Avanzi for Anatel Licensing?

In times of convergence, information technology and telecommunication merge into information systems for the productivity of your business.

The Avanzi Group operates 37 years in the radiocommunication market offering solutions for corporate voice and data communication.

Full responsibility throughout the process

From project design to equipment legalization, Avanzi provides all the support for your venture.

Cost Optimization Expertise

Reduction of the costs of the homologation process, resulting from the best practices and techniques of registration with ANATEL.

Field Engineering

Our staff visit the facilities and guide them in order to meet the operational needs of the enterprise and operate in compliance with the normal government.

Avanzi Group – Telecommunications Solutions

Are you operating in compliance with Anatel standards?

Licenciamento Anatel - Avanzi
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Licensing a radio system requires careful attention to detail, it’s not as simple as hiring a dispatcher to license a vehicle!

The work begins by identifying what need the system should handle. There are two types of applications used by most companies: voice and data. Once identified the need, we pass the other characteristics of the system, such as coverage area, number of users, network topology, among others.

If your company needs Radiocommunication Licensing or Approval from Anatel, the Avanzi Group usually does practical and theoretical testing before selling any solution, so the customer is able to purchase with absolute certainty the cost-effectiveness of the investment.

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From project design to equipment legalization, Avanzi provides all the support for your venture:


Elaboration of Project for Radiofrequency Legalization with Anatel

Elaboration of the necessary project for legalization of the radio frequency system, where the company will obtain the operation license for each radio station.


Project to obtain licenses

The project consists of completing several specific forms and issuing a compliance report for each radio station, required since Anatel Resolution 303, approving the Regulation on Limiting Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields in the Radio Frequency Range between 9kHz and 300GHz.


Presentation of applicant’s representativeness documents

We get as close as possible to your company, seeking to understand your reality and needs in depth, adapting our results and efficiency to you.


Preparation of entry forms at Anatel

All documentation will then be filed and accompanied as a formal process, requested from Anatel. After approval by the agency, the fees responsible for entering the process and the suggested channels will be issued.


Equipment Legalization

Authorization for the use of the equipment is given through the following procedure:

  • Registration of all telecommunication stations of the project in ANATEL;
  • Analysis of stations registered by ANATEL;
  • Issuance of Inspection Fee per Installation (TFI) of the stations analyzed by ANATEL;
  • After payment of the fee, issuance of licenses to operate the stations (Telecommunications System).

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Because if Anatel oversees the entity and the license is expired, it will inform the Federal Police.

It may interfere with third parties and be required to indemnify you, in addition to being fined by Anatel.

You have to file a new licensing process and ask for the old Grant to be discharged.

We have an exclusive audit service for all stations and facilities.

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Did you know your equipment may be unlicensed?
Avoid inconvenience and leave the paperwork with us!

* We do not share your data with third parties!
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