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Anatel participates in ICT Girls’ Day

Anatel participa do Dia das Meninas nas TIC

Anatel and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) celebrated, on 25 and 26/4, Girls’ Day in ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) with the holding of two events for high school students from public schools in the Federal District. The global action, promoted by the ITU in more than 170 countries, seeks to provide girls with more information about ICTs and to encourage them to consider this area in their future career choices.

Anatel’s advisor, Emmanoel Campelo attended the opening and stressed that the Agency supports the worldwide action of Girls in ICT Day, and also points out that ICTs currently offer many job opportunities. “It is estimated that millions of ICT-trained people worldwide are missing. It is a career opportunity to be considered in all sectors of the economy. From agriculture to health. From aerospace to primary education. ICTs not only drive innovation, but also fuel global competitiveness. Mastering ICTs gives you a huge advantage over other areas competing for a job. (…) This week, thousands of initiatives like these are being carried out around the world. (…) You were chosen to be part of this select group of girls. Feel privileged, spread this initiative in your circle of friendship and enjoy this day to reflect on your professional future, ”the counselor told the students.

The first ICT Girls’ Day, held by the ITU in partnership with Facebook, was marked by talks about the future of the professions, the presence of technologies in different sectors and also about the experience of women leading the public sector. and private.

Karla Crosara, Anatel’s executive superintendent, shared with the students how she chose her law and her professional career until she reached her current position in a regulatory body that operates in the technology and telecommunications sectors. “Here I am at a completely different time from my daily life. Usually, I go to meetings where I’m almost the only woman. It shows how needy our market is from your presence. ”

The superintendent reported that, at the Agency, there are 386 women out of a total of 1,513 servers, and only 164 women out of 604 with higher education. “That’s why we need you. For these numbers to be very different in the very near future. This is what I expect from you. (….) My dad said ‘Karla, the words teach, but the example drags’ and I am here to show you that it is possible. (…) I hope that the seed of my example will be able to drag you to meet this happiness and this search. There is no way to escape technology today whatever profession you choose. ”

The head of Anatel’s International Advisory, Taís Niffinegger, who is also a law graduate and is in contact with the technology area at her agency, stressed the importance of pursuing learning. “The best we can do for ourselves and others is to have the knowledge, to learn. Because it opens doors. We can use technology tools to improve our work. We can use the tools to create something that doesn’t exist, new things that will improve the lives of citizens. This is a very wonderful time when you have this opportunity to have contact with technology learning. Seeing that you exist, that is accessible and possible gives you the willpower, motivation and determination to continue to do so and bring it into your future, to bring it into your training. I encourage you not to believe in the many no’s that you will hear throughout your life. Do not believe it. If you want to go back, it will work out. ”

Anatel participa do Dia das Meninas nas TICs - Fonte: Anatel
Anatel participates in ICT Girls’ Day – Source: Anatel

Lectures and workshops. At the second meeting, promoted by the ITU in partnership with the Federal Data Processing Service (Serpro), the students attended lectures by women from the areas of engineering and information technology. Leticia Garcia, an electrical engineer and advisor at the Anatel Competition Superintendence, told students that working in these areas is thinking about the future and developing solutions that do not exist. “We are thinking 20 years from now how something can make life easier for humanity. (….) It does not exist today, but it will exist. What we do is leave legacies, is to solve problems. That’s what we do. ”

Leticia also talked about how she seeks to face challenges and prejudice. “I always think I’m here like them. I have gone through the same process and have at least the same skills. At the end of the day, what matters is that you are there pair with anyone, ”he said.

ITU regional director Bruno Ramos, who attended both events, left the following message to the students: “have love for what you are going to do. Do what you like and know that technology will be present in whatever activity you choose, so it is important that you have this knowledge. (…) Open your head. The world is very big and you have it all ahead. And technology will help you in this achievement. (…) There are still situations that inhibit you from doing something. Do not be afraid. Go after that you will make it. ”

On the first day of the ICT Girls, 100 students participated and on the second day, about 50 students. In addition to attending the lectures, the girls participated in a virtual reality workshop, at the event in partnership with Facebook, and a robotics workshop, coordinated by the university students of the “Girls.Comp” project at the University of Brasilia.

Source: Anatel

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