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Anatel promotes action to combat piracy in Catalan (GO)

In an operation to combat piracy, the supervision of the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) sealed a large number of unapproved telecommunications products that would be used by an entity authorized to provide the Multimedia Communication Service (SCM) in Catalão (GO). The action took place on August 22, based on a complaint made by the company.

The Agency’s inspectors worked at the authorized company’s headquarters and then at the address where the materials warehouse is located – where they verified that part of the operator’s inventory, especially optical network equipment, was not homologated by Anatel.

The inspectors team seized part of the irregular material and, due to the volume of irregular products, another part of the inventory was sealed and the authorized entity was the depositary.

Equipment seized and sealed in the inspection carried out in Catalão / GO:


– 5 Access Point MikroTik RBcap2nd Seal 0023717
– 11 FiberHome UN Fiberhome AN5506-01 Seal 0024181
– 1 Access Point AirLive WLA 5200AP Seal 0024188
– 2 Access Point AirLive WL 5400AP Seal 0024188


– 9900 Overtek Optocouplers – Blue Seal 0024172
– 9800 Overtek Optocouplers – Green Seal 0024172
– 1200 Optical Connectors – No make / model
– 82 Splitter 1-16 Seal 0024172
– 62 Splitter 1-08 Seal 0024172
– 39 Splitter 1-04 Seal 0024172
– 42 Splitter 1-02 Seal 0024172
– 2 boxes of used Patch Chord Seal 0024172

Approval and fight against piracy

The required laboratory testing for approval examines the compliance of various product technical requirements, protecting consumers and the quality of communications, and favoring a competitive environment.

The inspection actions are part of the Action Plan to Combat Piracy (PACP) 2019 and Anatel is a member of the National Council to Combat Piracy and Crimes against Intellectual Property (Decree No. 9,875 / 2019).

Source: [Anatel]

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