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Assisense writer launches book “From Telegraph to the Internet” on Wednesday

Assisense journalist and writer Marcos Barrero launches this Wednesday, December 9th, in São Paulo, the book “From Telegraph to the Internet” – a biography of one of the pioneers of telecommunications in Brazil.
Dary Avanzi began his career in Assisi at the age of 13 in 1956 as a telegraph operator for the Sorocabana Railway. From then on, he had the opportunity to operate from the telegraph to today’s fast Internet, in six decades of uninterrupted activity. Today, at the age of 73, this pioneer and founder of the Avanzi Group, finally, sees his eternal career in a biography, in which his history blends with that of his own communication in the country.
Marcos Barrero – who later this year will launch the poetry book “To hurt my heart” (Editora Patuá) – presents the fascinating career of Avanzi in the book.
He has always worked in telecommunications, starting with the telegraphy, which he specializes in and whose subject he still gives lectures.
Avanzi followed several moments in which both telegraphy and other media made history in the country and in the world.
In the digital age, he closely watched all research into the operation of the fax system, microwave telex, lunar reflection transmissions (using the moon as an antenna), satellite communication, and monitoring of various spacecraft. It also achieved the development of the mechanical robot on Mars, called Curiosity / Rover, which is responsible for keyboard radio transmissions through specific software.
For the biographer, the work is a gift for those who love telecommunication. “The purpose of the book is to tell, not only my professional career, but the communication itself, showing everything we have faced over the years and, especially, the path we have taken to get here,” he says.
The book also features pages illustrated by images of Avanzi’s professional documents and equipment operated throughout his career.
According to the author, the book has a great historical importance for the sector. “Dary is one of the most iconic personalities in the history of telecommunication in Brazil and worldwide. He is a reference in the area and his experience deserved a record worthy of his contribution to the telecommunications universe ”, concludes Barrero.
The event, which takes place in São Paulo, will be attended by Dary Bonomi Avanzi and author Marcos Barrero.


Assisi’s friend
“In the mid-1960s, at a time when his skillful fingers manipulated Sorocabana’s wired telegraphs in Presidente Prudente, Dary found a friend in Assisi – fellow telegraphist João Carrasco Neto. “We used to travel every day through the telegraph. The Hangman was one of the fastest telegraphists I met on the broadcast. It ran a lot. Its average output was at least 50 words per minute. Few could keep up with the speed he was required to receive a message, ”recalls Dary.
In 1965, Dary packed his bags to Sao Paulo. He went to drum the little machine at the telegraph center of the Julio Prestes station. Hangman appeared there.
Later, the sector was transferred to the Barra Funda neighborhood. “João was a very good companion. I went twice to lunch at his house. I lived in the neighborhood of Imirim, in the north of São Paulo. Son Walcyr must have been about 15 at the time, ”says Dary. Years later, his friend set up a bar on Clelia Street in Lapa.
Dary frequented Lapa’s counter a little. The last time you were with John was not a pleasant visit. The friend was ill, in a bed of Santa Casa Paulistana, in the neighborhood of Higienópolis.
It was 1975. When Dary opened the bedroom door, John, lying in bed, was amazed and said:
“Expected anyone but you, Dary.”
– Because?
“You have four jobs, it’s hard to find time to see me.”

It was the last time the friends met.
In 1976, Dary resigned from Fepasa and never heard anyone speak of João Carrasco. “I only learned of his death much later, from the columns his son, Walcyr Carrasco, the famous soap opera author of Rede Globo, wrote on Veja.”
Walcyr, author of soap operas like Xica da Silva, on TV Manchete, and O Cravo ea Rosa, The Patroness and Love of Life, on Rede Globo, was 64 years old and lived in São Paulo in 2015. One of Walcyr’s brothers, Ney Carrasco, was Secretary of Culture of Campinas in the 2012-2016 management. Ney once sent Dary a photo of Sala São Paulo, located exactly where the businessman worked at Júlio Prestes station. On the back of the photo, the inscription: “Dary, to miss you.” The third brother, Ailton, is a chemist and lived in Santos.
In his chronicles, from time to time, Walcyr Carrasco honored his father: “My father was not given to loving expansions. Perhaps it was because he was raised in a medium where men did not express feelings. Perhaps because he never received much affection from his own father. He left home at 13 and went to live with a brother. He had a problem with his eyes and was almost blind as a teenager. Later, when I wanted to continue my studies, I was married with children. He was a railroadman, a telegrapher, ”wrote Walcyr in the book Little Crimes and Other Chronicles, released in 2004.“ My father was a simple man, but he had greatness. And most importantly, he was rooting for me. To me that is the greatest meaning of a father. ”

In Presidente Prudente, Dary lives with sports announcers such as José Italiano and Joseval Peixoto
“In Presidente Prudente, the telegraph operators were concentrated and“ exported ”elsewhere, according to Sorocabana’s needs. Some covered the others in absences, sick leave and vacation. According to the rule, Dary was relocated to Teodoro Sampaio in November 1960. He reached the village aboard a jeep by a makeshift highway formed by the ridges that opened into the red earth to lay the rails. His mission was to assume the post of station chief for three days, releasing the holder, Bueno Arruda, to attend the polls in Presidente Prudente.
There was election for the presidency of the Republic.
Lead was exchanged between Janio, Adhemar and Marshal Henrique Baptista Duffles Teixeira Lott.
Janius was the broom man, Adhemar waved a clover, and Lott brandished a sword.
Why was the boy chosen in the emergency?
He was a minor and did not vote. The railroad was still under construction. This detail, by the way, makes a mistake: the tracks were not opened in 1960, as erroneously stated in some historical records, but in 1961.
At the time, the population of Teodoro Sampaio was small and occupied some houses on dirt roads. The village belonged to the municipality of Marabá Paulista. The station was in a bad spot and the walk to the center was long. There was a lot of party on the arrival of the first train in 1961. It was necessary to request the services of the band of Presidente Venceslau – the so-called Santa Cecilia Musical Corporation, which exists in hundreds of Brazilian cities.
Dary was an eyewitness to the story. Had a busy day. He attended the inauguration of a small station in the area called Washington Luís, and then took a train that drove him to the event in Teodoro Sampaio.
He still keeps a very faded portrait of a little house from whose window he attended the celebrations.
The telegraph took Teodoro Sampaio out of complete isolation. The region was located at the end of the state of São Paulo, in the corner of the map, two steps from Mato Grosso. No phone and no radio, it was saved by the contraption and was no longer incommunicado.
The first device used in the village was the same as the pioneer model, created in 1840. It lasted a long time. He served for 140 years on the railways and was extinguished between 1978 and 1980.

In the dreary days and nights of the place, Dary kept on call for any emergency, receiving or sending a telegram. The correspondence could be of any kind – be it a death note, a marriage note, or a visit to the distant mother. The recipient received the telegram at home. The commerce, the banks, the police – all communicated via telegram. Bradesco used the telegraph every afternoon to send the payment orders. One typed everything on those nervous keyboards. From the merchant, requesting the Cica factory to send a new consignment of guava, even messages of love, about which the discreet telegraphists kept total secrecy. There were delays, especially if the telegram came from far away. In the case of death, with a text saying, “Come quickly, Mother died,” one need only look at the back to find that the deceased had been buried for a long time. At most, the seventh-day mass was reached. Adapted to Presidente Prudente, he lived with people whose voices would be heard on the best radios and TV stations of the country: Flávio Araujo, Chico de Assis, Ze Italiano, Joseval Peixoto and Tadashi Kuriki – the first Japanese sports narrator, lawyer, deputy state (1986) and federal (1994). There was a time when everyone was there together, starting their careers on Presidente Prudente’s radios.
The city, after all, is known as a kind of talker’s factory. In the seven years she lived in the far west of São Paulo, Dary frequented the same places as future microphone stars. They went from bar to bar: Oasis, Shoyama and H (today H2). “When I arrived in Prudente, Joseval Peixoto and Flávio Araújo were moving to São Paulo, I met reporter Chico de Assis, who would later become a radio owner in Poços de Caldas,” Dary recalled.
José Italiano had started his career in São Carlos, where he was born, and moved to the west of São Paulo looking for new opportunities in his career as a sports announcer. It was holder of the microphone of the radio ZYR-84 of Prudente. At the time, both teams of the city – Prudentina and Corinthians – were at their peak and shone in the First Division of São Paulo.
Jose Italiano was called the “throat of steel” and “man of a thousand and one voices”. It was successful. “We went to the same bars and tipped a glass,” Dary had fun remembering their friendship. Typical European profile, tall and blond, the boy telegraphist came to be called American by the broadcaster. The pair broke up and only had a few brief reunions in São Paulo. “One day I met him on Avenida Tiradentes and we talked quickly. Then he became famous, incorporated the figure of the Corinthian fan, became Rivelino’s attorney and the few times we met there was only a wave of the hand and greeting with the head.
Dary even spouted newspapers and city radios. “Every two hours, we received news, via Morse Code, from the international agencies UPI, France Press, Ansa, Tass and the Brazilian Sport Press. We transcribed in pages and went to the newspaper editor or speaker of the spoken newspaper, ”says the businessman. “The main news of the time is engraved in memory – Fidel Castro seizes Fulgencio Batista in Cuba, worsens the cold war United States and Russia, the agony of Pope John XXIII, the execution of Caryl Chessman in the gas chamber in 1960, the assassination of John Kennedy in 1963, the Cambodian and Vietnam wars. ”
At the same time, Adhemar de Barros reached Presidente Prudente to attend a rally. The local president of the Progressive Social Party, Antonio de Almeida dos Santos, set up a gala reception for the governor in his own home. Dary, a wallet adhemarist, attended the campaign event.
Then a friend, enthusiastic about the election atmosphere, shouted in the crowd. “Governor, here is a fellow countryman.” Adhemar, engulfed by co-religionists, replied, “From which family?” And Dary opened her mouth. “I’m Grandson of Bonomi, from Redemption Farm.” The governor laughed, “Wow, my cook!” He gave Dary a hug and placed him next to him at the table where he attended the voters one by one. He ordered two glasses and toasted the meeting. Dary tipped the glass and spilled it all at once.
The governor liked, “Boy, you’re good at this.”
And the telegrapher replied, “One day, I’ll get there.”
Dary lived in Presidente Prudente for seven years and then went to São Paulo in 1965. ”


Location: Grove Space – 111 Werner Von Siemens Street, Lapa de Baixo, Sao Pauo
Date: December 9, 2015, 7 pm

Title: From Telegraph to the Internet – The Trajectory of Dary Bonomi Avanzi
Author: Marcos Barrero
Languages: Portuguese / English
Edition: 1st
No. of Pages: 144
Publisher: L2M / SP
Price: RS 49.90

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