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Avanzi Group gives lecture on LTE, IoT and Agribusiness, at PUC / RJ for researchers, teachers and students.

Grupo Avanzi ministra palestra na PUC/RJ sobre LTE, IoT e agronegócio

Advanced Manufacturing / Industry 4.0 and IoT (Internet of Things) have gained prominence in what has come to be called the 4th Industrial Revolution, which encompasses automation and data connectivity technologies. Precisely for this reason, the AGI / PUC-Rio Meeting was held, in order to foster debate and innovation for various industry senses through these new tools. The event was held on December 15 and was attended by Dane Avanzi, lawyer, technology expert and commercial director Grupo Avanzi, which focuses on the agribusiness telecommunications market. The lecture spoke about LTE and IoT and their importance for the agro segment.

Grupo Avanzi ministra palestra sobre LTE, IoT e Agronegócios, na PUC/RJ destinada a pesquisadores, docentes e discentes.
Avanzi Group gives lecture on LTE, IoT and Agribusiness

The idea of ??the event was precisely to promote debate among members of industry, academia and society about the future and development of the industry, especially considering the current technological connectivity. The meeting was free and limited, and can elucidate various aspects of attention to the present and future. “The Avanzi Group has been in the telecommunications market for 35 years with a focus on agribusiness, public safety and other verticals. We operate nationwide and seek to raise awareness of the importance of this sector for the economy and existence of the national industry,” he explains. Avanzi

In the lecture he can explain various points of agribusiness where connectivity is a crucial factor, and how IoT should change the landscape for the better, as well as needs that involve the communications industry. “We talked a little bit about tools like UAVs, Electronic Point, CCTV Monitoring, Onboard Computers, Telemetry and Autopilot for rural machinery, all of which require very high capacity and reliable data transmission networks that can mean whole productions and even the lives of workers, ”says Avanzi.

Also discussed was the need for radio spectrum dedicated to these applications due to the impossibility of failures in critical procedures, as well as explaining the future and the possibilities coming from these technologies.

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