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Avanzi Group participated in IT20 Study Group in Geneva

Grupo Avanzi esteve no SG20, Grupo de Estudo da UIT em Genebra

Geneva, 15 April 2019 – The Avanzi Group, represented by its director – Dane Avanzi – was present and accompanied the work of the IT20 – ITU – Geneva International Telecommunication Union Study Group on Internet of Things and its benefits. for smart and vertical cities in agribusiness.

SG20 – Internet of Things, Smart Cities and Communities, is a study group 20 that is working to address IoT technology standardization requirements, with an initial focus on IoT applications in smart cities and communities ( SC & C). SG20 develops international standards to enable coordinated development of IoT technologies, including machine-to-machine communications and ubiquitous sensor networks. A central part of this study is the standardization of end-to-end IoT architectures and mechanisms for interoperability of IoT applications and datasets employed by various vertically oriented industry sectors.

The ITU – International Telecommunication Union, founded in 1865 to facilitate international connectivity in communication networks, and which develops technical standards to ensure that networks and technologies around the world are the organ responsible for the SG20.

We congratulate Anatel, the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications – MCTIC and Instituto Cesar for their initiative and efforts to participate in SG20.

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