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In times of convergence, information technology and telecommunication merge into systems for the productivity of your business. Learn how Avanzi can help you in your business.

Equipment Rental

Did you know that in order to use professional radios in your business you need to check if the radios are approved and obtain a licensing authorization from Anatel?

We at Avanzi provide the complete solution. Our radios are technologically up to date and operate in compliance with all telecommunications standards in force in Brazil. Our differential is to understand your need and offer the most cost-effective solution.

Locação de Equipamentos - Avanzi
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Licenciamento de Drones Avanzi
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Drone Licensing

Using an irregular drone, breaking into the privacy of a private property, or hiring a non-approved service provider may result in a lawsuit for your company.

Check with Avanzi, we evaluate your drone model and its use to forward the necessary records, we register all the agencies responsible for licensing the activity in Brazil, and in a few days, you will receive the kit that will allow you to fly safely. and within the law.

Anatel Licensing - VHF Analog Extension (Exclusive Service)

The difference with good managers is to do more with less. We regularized your situation at Anatel, extending your license in analog for another 10 years in the VHF Range. For those who own analog UHF radio parks, upon prior review, we bought the UHF radio park and set up a new analog VHF park licensed for another 10 years. That’s right! You continue with your law-abiding analog system.

Licenciamento Anatel - Avanzi
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Avanzi - Licenciamento Ambiental

Environmental Licensing (COMAER, SEMA, SECIMA and IMASUL)

We deliver the complete solution for environmental licensing for telecommunications services. We carry out licensing of OPEA (projected object in the airspace) with the Ministry of Aeronautics – Comaer, measurements for radiometric report measurements to comply with Anatel rules and federal laws, as well as other specific licenses of the states of Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul and Goiás.

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In times of convergence, information technology and telecommunication merge into information systems for the productivity of your business.

The Avanzi Group has been operating in the radiocommunication market for almost three decades offering solutions for corporate voice and data communication in places without any communication or in sites already provided with communication technology through the installation and licensing of Telecommunications Systems.


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