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Covid-19 and ICT risk management

Covid-19 and ICT risk management

Covid-19 and ICT risk management

By Dane Avanzi

The phenomenon of the covid-19 pandemic brought an environment of many uncertainties to the daily life of Brazilian companies. Such uncertainties made the room for maneuver to correct “routes” very small, in some cases close to zero. We have uncertainty in all areas, legal, economic, financial, commercial, mainly due to the unpredictability of the deleterious effects of the financial impacts that the pandemic will cause in the microeconomics and macroeconomics.

It should be noted that a certain degree of uncertainty and unpredictability has always existed and is inherent in any business at any time. However what few realize is that risk is ultimately cost. In this context, considering that issues external to the business are absolutely uncontrollable, it is only up to managers to apply the best management practices regarding risk management, to avoid that the unusual situations that will occur certainly generate negative impacts on the company’s cash, and, consequently, in business performance.

In the home office environment, imposed by the pandemic, today companies that have not invested in training, ICT infrastructure, systems and collaborative environments are having to move to reverse negative impacts that are unlikely to generate loss of business performance.

Certainly, in this environment of physical restriction, where the freedom to come and go has been partly curtailed, the ability of leaders to support teams and anticipate the unexpected of everyday life, will make a difference. Thus, of course, the management of ICT resources – Information and Communication Technology, has always been and will be increasingly, closely linked to the strategy and execution of any business.

In conclusion, in the information age with a pandemic, organizations better prepared to adequately manage ICT risk will transform the crisis into an opportunity, because they knew how to cut costs wisely and improved the quality of spending.

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