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Critical Communication Technology for Upcoming Public Security Challenges in Rio de Janeiro

Tecnologia de Comunicação Crítica de Segurança no RJ - Grupo Avanzi

More than 16,000 new portable, mobile (in-car) and fixed digital radios will be used in the critical communications technology of the security, emergency and defense agencies (Army) to keep millions and visitors safe. Military forces will use mission-critical communications from Motorola Solutions and Rio de Janeiro state public security forces will use TETRA radios to help ensure the safety of millions of residents and visitors.

Tecnologia de Comunicação Crítica de Segurança no RJ - Grupo Avanzi
RJ Security Critical Communication Technology – Grupo Avanzi

The Rio de Janeiro Integrated Command and Control Center (CICC) and the Army Operations Center (COp) will work together to gather intelligence for joint action, such as delegation protection, protest management, incident prevention, and activities. routine. In addition, COp will have full visibility with real-time location of its field agents.

Mission-critical communications are essential for law enforcement, especially in times of high network traffic. Even in situations such as natural disasters or major emergencies, Motorola Solutions public safety solutions are designed to provide integrated and secure communications that are not available on commercial systems.

“Having an ultra-rugged radio solution that ensures communication in any scenario, promotes immediate response time and has a secure encryption system – is of utmost importance in Security Forces operations, both for major events and routine operations.” , explains Edval Novaes, Under-Secretary of Command and Control of the State Secretariat of Security.

According to Felipe Drumond Moraes, Lieutenant Colonel of the Battalion School of Communication of the Brazilian Army, “With the expansion of

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the system that was operating in the city of Rio de Janeiro we have a great technology available for radio communications, allowing the integration between our military. , GPS tracking and the ability to work with unified groups to speed up and improve incident prevention and response. ” Moraes emphasizes, “We have had great experiences at major past events where we use the same communications technology and are confident in system performance for the next challenges.”

Motorola Solutions radio terminals provide law enforcement with unified, real-time communication. The APX ™ series and TETRA radios are designed for public safety, including features such as shock, dust and water submersion protection, some of the radios have wireless programming, GPS location, Bluetooth for wireless accessory use, Clear audio, even in extreme noise environments, one-touch emergency button, among other features.

“Motorola Solutions knows the importance of unified, fast and secure action to tactical and routine operations, which can always count on radio as their greatest ally. Our services and equipment are present in many of the biggest emergency and public safety challenges around the world and we are proud to help the state of Rio de Janeiro protect its citizens and visitors, ”says Elton Borgonovo, general manager of Motorola Solutions Brazil.

Source: Translated and adapted from the website – Net Defense

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