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DECEA applies sanctions to irregular flights of RPAs

DECEA aplica sanções aos voos irregulares de rpas - Grupo Avanzi

Unauthorized operations (irregular flights) are subject to a fine

The Department of Airspace Control (DECEA), through the Air Force Judgment Board (JJAER), has initiated the application of administrative sanctions for pilots who violate the rules of access to Brazilian airspace using Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPAs). .

In total, 11 cases have already been analyzed and judged. The sanctions applied are intended to mitigate illicit initiatives in order to maintain security of access to airspace by manned and unmanned aircraft.

DECEA aplica sanções aos voos irregulares de rpas - Grupo Avanzi
DECEA applies sanctions to irregular rpa flights – Avanzi Group

All unauthorized operations that violate the various articles provided for in the Penal Code, the Civil Code and the Law on Criminal Misdemeanors, in their civil and criminal spheres, are subject to fines, ranging from R $ 3,200.00 (for individuals). R $ 40,000.00 (for legal entities), which are liable as contractors for services performed in disagreement with the provisions of the Brazilian airspace access rules, in compliance with the provisions of the Brazilian Aeronautics Code (Law 7.565).

“The Brazilian State is prominent at the international level, as regards the regulation for unmanned aircraft. Thus, the work of DECEA aims to maintain the safety levels already applied, and to foster the evolution of this new sector. , when applied in non-recreational operations and provide the best conditions for the practice of aeromodelling “, said the Chief of the Division of Coordination and Control of the DECEA Operations Sub-Department, Lieutenant Colonel Jorge Vargas Rainho.

The DECEA warns that the rules for access to Brazilian airspace by remotely piloted aircraft, exclusively for recreational use – model aircraft, can be consulted in AIC N 17/18. For non-recreational use, the rules to follow are in ICA 100-40.

Source: DECEA
Edition: Air Force Agency, by Lieutenant João Elias – Review: Major Alle

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