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Did you know? Check out 7 myths and truths about using Drones

7 mitos e verdades sobre o uso de Drones - Grupo Avanzi

Even with the popularity, doubts about its use are still frequent, know some myths and truths about the use of Drones.

That the drones are here to stay no one has doubts. With state-of-the-art technologies and artificial intelligence, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (VANTS) or Remotely Pilotec Aircraft Systems (RPAS) are gaining more ground in the domestic and international markets.

According to a survey by the United States FAA (The Federal Aviation Administration), by 2020, we will have about 7 million drones in the air. In Brazil it is estimated that there are more than 100,000 drones in operation today. At least 12,000 people use these drones to provide services.

7 mitos e verdades sobre o uso de Drones - Grupo Avanzi
7 myths and truths about using Drones – Grupo Avanzi

Even with the popularity of drones and increasing use, doubts about what is allowed and what is not allowed and what precautions should be taken when piloting the equipment are still frequent. So DroneShow Plus CEO Emerson Granemann * emphasizes that drones are not harmless toys and can cause accidents if misused. It has separated some of the main myths and truths about drone use in Brazil.

Check out some of the most common myths and truths about using drones:

1 – Only over 18 years old can operate a drone for professional use.

TRUTH. Children under 18 may only operate drones for recreational flights in areas intended for model aircraft and must always be accompanied by a skilled operator.

2 – With the exception of airports and prisons, drones may fly over any location.

MYTH. For safety reasons, there are other areas where drone flight is not possible, either because they are dangerous or have restricted access. Examples are refineries, oil rigs, fuel depots, military areas and areas with critical infrastructure such as power grids, hydroelectric, thermoelectric and nuclear power plants. In these cases only with special permission from DECEA – Airspace Control Department is possible to fly.

3 – All outdoor flights, regardless of recreational or professional use, must be reported in advance to the DECEA (Airspace Control Department).

MYTH. Recreational flights in areas suitable for model aircraft do not need to be communicated in advance to DECEA. In other cases it is mandatory to request authorization from DECEA in advance.

4 – The use of drones for the transportation of medicines and blood is already allowed.

TRUTH. The Republics of Rwanda and Tanzania, in partnership with a California startup, are already regularly delivering blood bags to hard-to-reach areas. The project was dubbed by the UBER Blood Press. In Brazil there are already companies conducting tests in the project of drug delivery made by drones, such as SMX Systems. The company successfully made, in August this year, the first delivery using drone in Brazil in São Paulo city of Rifaina after the sector regulation that took place in May 2017.

5 – The drone for being hacked

TRUTH. Although not recurrent, there are anti-drone solutions that can interfere with the link between the drone and the control, taking over the equipment. That is why the cybersecurity theme has already entered the agenda of discussions in the drone industry.

6 – It is forbidden to use drones to film weddings and outdoor events.

MYTH. Flight is not prohibited as long as legal parameters and safety requirements are met. The drone, as well as its operator, must be registered with ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency). And all event guests formally and formally authorize this filming. That is, be consenting.

7 – The Military Police cannot seize the drones or the pilot.

MYTH. Police power is vested in law enforcement agencies, and failure to comply with legal security requirements may mean a criminal offense under the penal code. In addition to penalties imposed by ANAC and DECEA.

Emerson Granemann * – Managing Director of DroneShow, the largest drone fair in Latin America. Founder, CEO of MundoGEO and creator of the fair. Cartographer Engineer at UFPR, worked 15 years in the Aerophotogrammetry and Geoprocessing sector. Currently works in the area of ??communication, dissemination of geotechnologies and drones. He is moderator of the Drone Business Forum. In addition to DroneShow, Granemann is responsible for DroneShow Plus, an event that takes place between November 6 and 8, in São Paulo, and brings together the 6th Drone Business Forum, plus 5 core courses, 5 advanced and a Technology Show with the presence of companies with drone solutions and embedded technology.

Source: Drone Show Latin America

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