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Homologação de Drone

Drones and Homologation Workshop

Do you know the rules for the use of drones in Brazil?

In Brazil, as in most countries of the world, drones are considered airplanes.

As such, they require safety procedures, some performed before and others during flights.

Certifications and licenses must also be to guarantee the suitability of the aircraft and its operator.

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An unmanned aircraft without a license can generate from fines to imprisonment. Operate within the law, get your license!

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Does your equipment comply with national legislation?

The National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) determines that the drone operator must be linked to the aircraft, the Avanzi Group verifies if its drone has a valid ANATEL approval and processes the registration and maintenance of that registration with ANAC by Legal Person

Another requirement of Brazilian law is that the flight must be registered in SARPAS, the Department of Air Space Control (DECEA).

Licenciamento de Drones Avanzi
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"Drone is not a toy!"

… And you can’t fly without complying with the rules set by the governing bodies of the country (ANAC, DECEA and ANATEL), use an irregular drone, invade the privacy of a private property or hire a service provider who is not with you. These licenses in order, can result in a process for your company.

If you have a project that involves the use of drones, consult with Avanzi, regularize the equipment and get out of the illegal.

Check with Avanzi, we evaluate your drone model and its use to forward the necessary records, we register all the agencies responsible for licensing the activity in Brazil, and in a few days, you will receive the kit that will allow you to fly safely. and within the law.

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Understand How Drone Regulation Works in Brazil


We analyze your need

The drone and the type of use you make of it determine which records you will need to make. We will ask you some questions to find out your need.


We collect the information

We collect the necessary data for all records in a centralized and easy manner.


Progress to bureaucracy

We register with all responsible agencies, print their documentation.


Ready to take off!

Within a few days you will receive at home the kit with everything you need to fly safely and lawfully.

Homologação de Drone

"The use of an unapproved drone is a breach of applicable law, and can cause from the seizure of your seized drone to federal sanctions"

Why do you approve drone with Avanzi?

Grupo Avanzi - Soluções em Telecomunicações

In times of convergence, information technology and telecommunication merge into information systems for the productivity of your business.

The Avanzi Group has been operating in the radio communications market for 37 years offering solutions for corporate voice and data communication.

Cost Optimization Expertise

Cost reduction of the licensing process, resulting from the best practices and techniques of registration and registration with the consenting agencies.

Custom design according to your need

Our staff visit the facilities and guide them in order to meet the operational needs of the enterprise and operate in compliance with the rules of the government.

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Do you know who regulates the use of drones in Brazil?

By Dane Avanzi

The UAVs, unmanned aerial vehicles, popularly called drones alluding to some bee-like models, had their first prototypes effectively implemented in the military environment. Although the most modern, as we know it today, became known in World War II, primarily to be air targets for manned fighter jets, there are records of the imminent scientist Nikola Tesla predicting in 1915 the possible offensive potential of a drone fleet.

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WORKSHOP: Obligations and Responsibilities of the Drone Operator and Company


Meet our exclusive best practices training from the Drone Company, avoid the headaches, talk to Avanzi!

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If your drone already has an ANATEL seal, no. But you need to check with the ANATEL website if it is an authentic seal. There are cases of equipment being sold with a fake or invalid stamp of approval. Being a valid seal, it is already approved and you can use this information for everything going forward.

The homologation in ANATEL will be mandatory document to register your equipment in ANAC and is already in DECEA. In addition, large companies as well as the public sector will require documentation to hire their services. This, of course, is a more sensitive subject when it comes to commercial use but we will see later that the animal can also take for recreational use.

Fill out the form below with all the details of your drone, and then our specialists will contact you to instruct you in the best way possible.

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Homologação de Drone - Duvida

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Did you know your equipment may be unlicensed?
Avoid inconvenience and leave the paperwork with us!

* We do not share your data with third parties!
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