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Expert explains how drones can break into protected facilities

Recent attacks have raised questions: How can drones break into protected facilities?

The recent drone attack on Saudi oil refineries has raised a number of questions: How was a relatively simple drone able to break into strategic protected facilities of the world’s leading oil exporter?

In an interview with Sputnik, Russian expert Nikita Rodichenko, founder and technical director of Tsuru Robotics, a member of the renowned Russian technology park Skolkovo, explained this issue.

Drones can infiltrate security-protected facilities thanks to their internal navigation system if the target has no signal suppression device, Rodichenko told Sputnik.

“Small drones are often very simple devices that can perform a very limited range of tasks. Precisely because of their simplicity, they can be immune to suppression systems,” he said.

“For example, this type of drone can perform attacks without being in contact with a control center – they can simply fly to the target using its own internal navigation system. If the facility does not have any type of system to suppress the signals navigation, the drone will hit the target unimpeded, “explained Rodichenko.

Saudi Refinery Attacks

In the early hours of Saturday (14), in Saudi Arabia two oil refineries were burned as a result of a drone attack. After the attacks, the Gulf country, which is the world’s largest exporter and third largest oil producer, announced a cut of more than fifty percent in its daily output – a cut of 5.7 million barrels from around 9 , 8 million barrels produced daily.

Instalações da Aramco em chamas após ataques na Arábia Saudita
Aramco facilities on fire following attacks on Saudi Arabia | Source; © REUTERS / HAMAD I MOHAMMED

Yemeni militants fighting against the coalition of Saudi Arabian-led Arab countries have taken responsibility for the attacks and the use of drones. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said there was no evidence that the attack originated in Yemen and directly accused Iran of authoring the attack.

Iran’s foreign ministry, in turn, called Pompey’s accusations “liars.”

Source: [Sputnik Brasil]

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