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German Federal Agency complains about 450 MHz channel for Security

BDBOS (Federal Agency for Public Safety Digital Radio) Complains Frequencies in 450 MHz Channel for Safety and Rescue

BDBOS reclama das Frequências de 450 MHz para Segurança e Resgate - Grupo Avanzi
German Federal Agency complains about 450 MHz channel for Security

In order to expand BOS Network digital radio in Germany with high performance data services in the future, BDBOS has announced that it has claimed 2×10 MHz frequencies in the 450 MHz band.

In this way, together with the frequencies already available in the 700 MHz band, an adequate supply of security and rescue forces in Germany could be guaranteed. Demand is currently being coordinated within the federal government.

Both the Conference of Presidents of Ministers (a committee of the sixteen German States (Bundesländer) to coordinate policy in areas that fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Länder) and the Federal Government’s Digital Agenda note the need to provide sufficient spectrum for internal security spectrum. National and international studies have demonstrated the need for BOS authorities and organizations to meet the needs of safety and rescue teams.

For use by BOS, 2×5 and 2×3 MHz in the 700 MHz band were recently released. Frequency bands that are located in the non-harmonized area and have some additional restrictions. Therefore, they are not available for use by BOS. For this reason, the exclusive provision of frequencies in the 450 MHz band is of great importance. This will enable German security and rescue teams in the future to use key communication services and functions in their mission to help citizens.

Source: Translated and Adapted from Website – The Critical Communications Review

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