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Google, Microsoft and IBM declare war on Amazon

Led by content distribution company Cloudflare, a group of 11 cloud computing service providers, including Google, Microsoft and IBM, launched a “war on Amazon” initiative, called the Bandwidth Alliance – something like ‘Width of the Alliance’. Band – which apparently directly targets competition with AWS, Amazon’s arm for cloud computing services.

Google, Microsoft e IBM declaram guerra à Amazon
Google, Microsoft and IBM declare war on Amazon

The motto is to allow your joint customers to transfer data between their services for free or, in the case of Microsoft and Google, at a discount of about 75%. The target is the global market leader, Amazon Web Services, which allows customers to transfer data to the cloud for free, but charging to move it.

According to data from the first quarter of this 2018, AWS owns about 33% of the world cloud computing market. It is followed by Azure, from Microsoft, with 13%; by IBM Cloud, with 8%; and by Google Cloud, with 6%. Also part of the Alliance are the independent Digital Ocean, Backblaze, Automattic, DreamHost, Linode, Scaleway and Packet.

There is an element of self-interest to the companies involved: they all compete with AWS and in many cases could benefit if it were cheaper to move data between AWS and its services. Cloudflare, which leads the effort because its content distribution network connects many of the cloud providers, competes directly with an AWS service called CloudFront.

* With information from Reuters

Source: Digital Convergence

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