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In catastrophe the radio enters ‘scene’

Amateur radio still provides relevant services even with the advent of the Internet

The Internet connects with the world and social networks with friends. But even before this technology was available, the amateur did and still plays this role. Although not widely publicized, Brazil should have 30 to 40,000 hams. Each month the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) makes the entrance exams available and more and more aficionados earn the right to speak on the radio. Radio amateurs come on the scene every time a catastrophe, a major accident and the most modern media fail.

Silvio Mazetto, owns an amateur radio station, and a VHF Repeater of São Manuel Amateur Radio Services.

In the Bauru region there are many hams in the ‘active’ whether to chat with friends or to help a community in difficulty. In São Manuel, an amateur radio lover maintains a repeater station and a house full of equipment.

Lawyer Silvio Roberto Mazetto, the PY2 TGL of São Manuel, does not spare conversation with those who are tuned in the same station. It has 35 years of ‘window’ and encourages young people to join the hobby. For him, the contact, via radio, is more personal because it contains the voice, that for him, makes all the difference.

Silvio Mazetto , possui uma estação de rádio amador, e uma Repetidora VHF de Seviços de Radioamador de São Manuel.“The number of hams is incalculable. Each entrance exam has 200 candidates. ”

Amateur radio was the encouraging spring of English language learning for one of the oldest amateurs in the region. Rafael Gutierres Neto, the PY2 NJ of Lençóis Paulista. He went to take a course to talk with friends. His 54 years of radio talk time has earned him beautiful stories and a large number of friends around the world.

“In the 1960s until the 1980s, the amateur radio was widely used for public utility. Accidents, deaths, missing persons was the tone of communication that crosses borders long before new technologies. ”

Already Carlos Chiquini, the PY2 RBG Garça, knew this type of communication with a HT radio. “Radio has changed a lot in recent years. In the past you listened to exchange. Today, people work in high fidelity audio and the sound is much better. ”

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