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Interview with Dane Avanzi, EBC – OI Judicial Recovery

With debts of 65.4 billion, Oi requested judicial recovery in court. The company has about 70 million customers. Can the consumer be harmed by this? On the subject, Revista Brasil interviewed the lawyer specialized in Consumer Protection and president of the Association of Radiocommunication Companies of Brazil (Aerbras), Dane Avanzi.

He explains the judicial recovery aims to stop the collection of bank interest, shield the company’s cash and prevent revenues from being hijacked by creditors. “It is a kind of momentary suspension of debt, so that the company can restructure, present a payment plan of creditors that will be evaluated by the judiciary. If the judge understands that the plan is viable, he declares that a judicial recovery is possible “, he explains.

According to Dane Avanzi, the consumer perspective is not good. The company will have difficulty in capturing investments, loans, investing in network maintenance, technological update and the huge liability declared becomes increasingly difficult.

Understand this by listening to the full interview on the player above.

The Brasil Magazine is a production of Radios EBC and airs, from Monday to Saturday, at 8am, Radio Nacional AM Brasilia. The presentation is by Valter Lima.

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