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IoT: What is missing for an information age revolution?

The internet of things is the new trend in information technology, in which every device will literally have a TCP / IP address and be able to communicate, interact, make decisions and operate in conjunction with other wireless devices. This true cyber biome, which is being built today in laboratories, and already finds some representatives in everyday life, will be a total reality only a few years from now, making today’s futuristic movie scenes pure reality.

The speed at which this will occur will depend on the solution of some very practical challenges. Let’s start with the main and most basic of them, the energy matrix. Every electronic device needs electricity to function. In addition to the devices people use, a large amount of electricity is required to power many servers that support cloud services.

As a result, the increased demand for more energy tends to grow in geometric progression, either to support billions of devices interconnected by Wi-Fi networks or to support a gigantic data center infrastructure and telecommunications networks that will also require a lot of energy. We are already experiencing the shortage and shortage of electricity in many countries of the world, and this problem is common to both developed and developing countries.

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IoT: What is missing for an information age revolution?

Another bottleneck also due to an essentially environmental factor is the fact that every wireless device needs the radio spectrum to communicate, a scarce, finite and non-renewable natural resource. In the age of the internet of things the amount of spectrum demanded will be absurdly greater than the current demand, and today there are already shortage problems, especially in large urban centers due to the concentration of people and devices.

One thing is certain: the world will change a lot. Today we already live many situations considered as science fiction a few decades ago. Today’s transformations literally promise to usher in a Brave New World, paraphrasing the title of a science fiction book written by Aldous Huxley and published in 1932 that chronicles a future where people (or devices) will be organized by caste and preconditioned. to psychological behaviors and patterns due to biological manipulation. Any coincidence with the genome project is not mere coincidence.

Today cars are being tested that can drive themselves from one place to another. Thanks to sensors, software, GPS systems, processor developments and databases, cars will soon be able to self-manage. The golden rule for the development of IoT technology is non-human intervention in any process coupled with the development of artificial intelligence.

The internet of things will not stop there. It will be inserted into appliances, airplanes, bicycles, literally everything, so “internet of things”. The subject will still generate much controversy, although for some it is fascinating, for many it will be the dawn of a dark and dark tomorrow, due to the deconstruction, as in Huxley’s book of today’s society that will engender a new humanity without moral, religious standards. and with an ethical sense certainly quite different from the present one.

In radio communication, studies of Software Defined Radio or Software Defined Radio, studied in research laboratories since the 1980s, will be the solution to the spectrum problem, as it will optimize idle frequency ranges, as well as improve technologies. Green power generation will bring the solution to the supply of the new cyber biome, sometimes in the embryonic stage. Here is a new revolution on the way.

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