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ITU approves recommendation on Brazil-coordinated IoT

uit aprova recomendação da iot coordenada pelo brasil

The International Recommendation for the IoT Application Architectural Reference Model (ITU-T Y.4460) was approved at the Study Group 20 April Meeting “Internet of Things” , Intelligent Communities and Cities “of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) standardization sector. The recommendation was proposed and coordinated by Brazil.

Anatel, as coordinator of Brazil’s representation in international telecommunications discussions through the Brazilian Communication Commissions (CBC), worked with the national agents involved in the initiative and negotiated with the other ITU-T members for adoption of recommendation.

The document defines a classification of Internet of Things (IoT) devices based on processing and connectivity capabilities. From the correlation of capabilities, reference models are defined with the requirements for the software architectures of each of the device classes.

International action. The recommendation was proposed and coordinated by Brazil and is the first fruit in the international standardization area of ??collaboration between the Brazilian government (Anatel and MCTIC), the private sector (Instituto Cesar and Eldorado) and academia (Inatel).

The work began in the discussions of the IoT Chamber, an initiative coordinated by MCTIC, with the participation of members of the public, private and academia, and has, among its objectives, to foster the IoT ecosystem in Brazil.

The ITU is the UN specialized agency in telecommunications. The institution’s standardization sector (ITU-T) currently has around 190 countries and more than 700 companies among its members. For a recommendation to be approved, there must be “agreement” from all members. The document is now going for editorial review and will then be available for free in the six official ITU languages.

If you are interested in participating in ITU IoT discussions or other discussions on international telecommunication standardization, you may contact the CBC Executive Secretariat3.

Source: Anatel

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