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Learn how to fight SMS spam

Spam por SMSIf spam is annoying on the Internet, it can be even more annoying on mobile. It is a problem that, with the adhesion to the devices firing in Brazil, became even more serious here.

Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency) determines that all SMS companies in the country respect the opt-in, forcing them to wait until the customer requests receipt. But criminals use pirate servers to send and deliver scams, which makes enforcement difficult.

They use various techniques to attack, inducing people to pass personal information or prepaid top up card numbers.

As the PSafe team explains, you can combat this problem in two ways. The first is to ask the carrier to block the sending of offers by SMS, just send EXIT to 888 (Claro), 55555 (Hi), 4112 (Tim) or 457 (Vivo).

In addition, whenever they encounter an unwanted message, consumers can blacklist the number from Anatel by forwarding what was received to 7726.

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