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Legal Mobile began to be implemented in 10 states this Sunday

Celular Legal começou a ser implementado - Grupo Avanzi

From last Sunday (23/09), the project “Celular Legal” begins to be implemented in 10 states of the country. It aims to strengthen the fight against tampered, stolen and misplaced cell phones and inhibit the use of handsets not certified by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel).

Celular Legal começou a ser implementado - Grupo Avanzi
Legal Mobile started to be implemented – Grupo Avanzi

Midwestern users (MS and MT); Sul (RS, SC and PR); North (AC, RO and TO); and Southeast (ES and RJ), who are using irregular devices, will start receiving messages from this Sunday warning about the problem. And the blocking of cell phones will be done from December 8.

The implementation of a computerized system – partnership between providers, manufacturers and Anatel – identifies irregular mobile phones in use on the network.

Every mobile device in use in the country must be certified or certified by Anatel. Certified handsets have gone through a series of tests before they reach the consumer’s hands. The user should always look for the Anatel seal on the back of the phone battery and also on the charger.


The project “Celular Legal” was divided into three phases. The pilot project (Phase 1) began with sending and messaging on February 22, 2018 to users in the state of Goiás and the Federal District, and the blockade began on May 9th.

Until July this year, 41,827 mobile phone / mobile internet accesses were blocked by irregularities in Goiás and the Federal District, which represented 0.3% of the total of 12,587,694 accesses in operation, of which 5,308,975 in the DF and 7,278 .719 in GO. The second phase is now beginning.

And from January 7, 2019, begins the 3rd and last phase in the states of the Northeast (BA, SE, AL, PE, PB, RN, CE, PI and MA); the other northern states (PA, Pará, Amazonas, Amapá and Roraima) and the Southeast (MG and SP). The project continues until March 24 next year, when irregular devices will be disconnected from the network.

Consumers using irregular handsets before these dates will not be disconnected if they do not change their number. Those who connect irregular telecommunications devices after these dates will be notified by SMS messages, and after 75 days, the device will no longer work on telecommunications networks.

For consumers who have a device certified or certified by Anatel, who has not been tampered with and unimpeded by theft, theft or loss, nothing changes with the Legal Cell Project!


All messages will be sent to 2828. The first three messages will contain the following content:

“Operator warns: By Law 9.472 this phone is irregular and will not work on cellular networks in XX days. Visit or call * XXXX ”

The last message, on the eve of the lock, will contain the following content:

Avia carrier: This IMEI XXXXX phone is irregular and will no longer work on cellular networks. Visit or call * XXXX ”

Source: Anatel

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