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Metro will use drone to monitor 33 km of tracks in Salvador

SAO PAULO – It is already used daily to optimize the workforce and seek quality information in the 33 kilometers of Salvador subway, but from this year, should also be used as a new technological tool to monitor the railroads of the Bahian capital.

Since the second half of last year, the Salvador subway concessionaire has been using a drone to fly over the rooftops of 20 stations and relay towers spread over 33 kilometers of track in search of structural problems.

The next step will be to use the equipment in medium voltage installations, which are currently only accessed after the power is turned off. Following, it will be the turn of the rails to be monitored by the system, which should happen until the end of the year, after the definition of methodology and georeferenced data placement in the equipment.

“The drone gives speed, quality of information and mitigates the risk of someone working in high places. If he encounters a problem, with the recorded video we can put on the table and discuss, which normally on an inspection we could not. We could detect if a screw is off or not, “said José Kako, maintenance manager at CCR Metrô Bahia.

In the next phase, according to the manager, it will be possible to make the energy inspections directly with the drone, without the need to shut down the entire system.

The Bahian subway currently has 40 trains, carries an average of 370,000 passengers on weekdays and employs 1,500 employees.

Source: Economic Value

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