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National “Do Not Disturb Me” Registration Now Available

Cadastro nacional de não me perturbe já está disponível

National “Do Not Disturb Me” Registration for Telecommunications Services Available 16/7

From Tuesday (16/7), consumers will be able to register in the national register “do not disturb me”, initiative of the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) to contain unwanted calls made by telecommunications service providers. In order to stop receiving calls with offers of telephone, pay TV and broadband services, the consumer should go to and fill in the registration form. The suspension of calls by telecommunications companies will occur within 30 days from the date of registration.

The move stems from an action by Anatel, which mandated in June that leading companies in the industry implement a single national list of consumers who do not want to receive telemarketing calls with telecommunications service offerings. The Algar, Claro / Net, Nextel, Oi, Sercomtel, Sky, Telefônica / Vivo and TIM providers, in partnership with the Brazilian Association of Telecommunications Resources (ABR Telecom), developed the “do not disturb me” website for this purpose.

Importantly, the measure refers to calls related to telecommunications service and product offerings. The problem of unwanted calls has a global scale and is being addressed by regulators from other countries, such as the United States and India. In Brazil, market studies estimate that about two thirds of these calls come from economic sectors other than telecommunications. Due to Anatel’s legal competences, the measure reaches only telecommunications companies, which account for about 32% of unwanted calls. The “do not disturb me” list applies throughout Brazil and does not replace Procons-managed records in some Federation Units.

“While the problem is quite complex and we are looking for a definitive solution, registration is a first step in safeguarding consumers’ rights not to receive unwanted calls to telecommunications service offerings. It is a necessary tool, since we were observing a sharp growth of this type of practice ”, says Anatel president Leonardo de Morais.

“Anatel, which began discussions on the topic as early as 2018, will now closely monitor how the list is being implemented and the effectiveness of the measure. We want to guarantee telecommunications consumers the right not to be disturbed by their suppliers, ”adds Morais.

From January 2016 to June 2019, 86,493 complaints regarding unwanted calls were filed with the Agency, distributed as follows:


ProviderTotal Complaints

More measures. In addition to proposing a solution to the Agency-regulated sector with the “do not disturb me” tool, Anatel decided to accelerate the change in the rules on telemarketing calls in the General Telecommunications Consumer Rights (RGC) Regulation. The Agency’s Board of Directors has determined that telemarketing issues should be addressed as a matter of priority, even before the revision of the RGC, as provided for in the Regulatory Agenda, with public consultation scheduled for the second half of this year.

The Council also mandated technical areas to study measures to combat the disruption generated by mute calls and carried out by robots, even those aimed at selling services to companies in sectors not regulated by Anatel.

Other measures to safeguard consumers’ rights are being evaluated by telecommunication service providers and monitored by the Agency, through the elaboration, until September 2019, of a code of conduct and self-regulation mechanisms for telemarketing practices.

Source: Anatel

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