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New scams on the Internet may arise during isolation, expert warns.

New scams on the Internet may arise during isolation

New scams on the Internet may arise during isolation, expert warns.

Our Commercial Director, Dane Avanzi, explains how to stay protected

A new scam has appeared in SMS and WhatsApp messages. The text warns of a supposed promotion by Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency) that offers an increase of 7 GB in the data franchise on cell phones. The fraud induces victims to click on a malicious link to receive the bonus, but they end up having their data stolen.

Although there is still no information on how many people fell in the coup, Anatel has already commented, by means of a statement, emphasizing that it does not send links via WhatsApp or SMS, in addition to not doing promotions or giving prizes.

Telecommunications expert Dane Avanzi warns that, with the isolation of the population, due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, fraud attempts like this may become more common. “Many people are working at home-office and there have been many complaints about the speed of the internet. Knowing this, Anatel, in fact, has already asked operators to expand broadband”, says the commercial director of Grupo Avanzi, which offers solutions for corporate voice and data communication through the installation and licensing of Telecommunications Systems.

According to Avanzi, offers like this, even if fake, are naturally striking, but he highlights that in times of crisis and the need for internet for work purposes, people are even more susceptible. “In addition, the coup message is made to give credibility, so that the person does not even suspect. Therefore, logos from Anatel and other telephone operators are used”, explains the expert.

Tips – Anatel, when aware of the attempted fraud, gave some tips so that users do not become victims of this type of crime.

  • Do not open unknown links;
  • Never provide your personal information on websites and applications that you do not recognize;
  • Be wary of e-mails from strangers and with appealing or alarming subjects (so-and-so died; see the forbidden photos of Sicrana; how to make a million without getting out of bed; your mailbox is full);
  • Take good care of your passwords;
    Keep your system, antivirus and firewall up to date;
  • Accept that we are all vulnerable and even distrust the virtual shadow;
  • If you suspect an attempted scam or fraud, the consumer can find out on the Anatel website ( If you are injured or feel threatened, you must file a police report.

In general, the moment, more than ever, is of alert. Even if these tips are already very clear to you, it is important to be attentive and always be a step back, recommends Dane Avanzi. “In this way, we will be able to minimize the damage caused by isolation and maintain our daily activities on the Internet, such as accessing news sites, working and consuming entertainment”, he concludes.

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