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Pcells may be a 4G network optimization alternative

While the deployment of 4G technology is gaining momentum in Brazil due to the growing use of smartphones, on the West Coast of the United States, a technology that could revolutionize the mobile world is under test.

Pcell technology, or simply Personal Cell, is able to create a private cloud for each network user, enabling the smartphone to take full advantage of the network. Without exaggeration, this is a quantum leap in the mobile experience for users worldwide.

Today the concentration of users in a given area leads to degradation of signal quality. Theoretically, with Pcell technology, the network will allow the same quality to all users due to the signal propagation mode, which makes use of an element hitherto detrimental to telecommunications in general, interference.

Using interference (produced between radio base stations), the algorithm developed by Pcells is capable of allowing signal transmission, even in today’s unfavorable environment. This is making lemonade lemon!

If technology succeeds, many networks can migrate directly from 3G to PCell. Did 4G technology really match up a competitor? Silicon Valley veteran Steve Pellman, inventor of PCell, plans to test the technology in San Francisco later this year. The result of this test could revolutionize the worldwide mobile phone. Many carriers around the world will closely monitor the tests.

Another advantage of Pcells is scalability, which allows you to fully leverage the operators’ current infrastructure. However, to become a reality there is still a relatively long way to go behind the scenes of the mobile industry, worldwide bodies for standardization of mobile service and especially in regulating the new technology with government authorities such as Anatel for example.

Dane Avanzi is a telecommunications entrepreneur and vice president of Aerbras – Association of Radiocommunication Companies of Brazil.

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