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Radiocommunication and Licensing Anatel

Importance of Radio Licensing at Anatel

All radio frequency-emitting telecommunications equipment, except for restricted radiation (see Anatel Resolution 680) requires licensing from Anatel. It is important that the term license is not confused with approval (Anatel Resolution 242). Station operating license is authorization for use and approval is authorization for commercialization. The first is the obligation of the entity that uses the telecommunications service, while the second is the obligation of the marketer, the manufacturer or the distributor of the product in Brazil.

Licenses when issued have a term of validity and need to be renewed periodically or when changes are made to the telecommunications system. This whole procedure may seem too much bureaucracy, but it is not. It is imperative that these precautions be taken to avoid harmful interference with other services. The use of clandestine radio frequency can cause serious damage to society in general, since many essential services for society use radio communication services, such as: SAMU, Civil Defense, Civil and Military Police, Municipal Guards, airport ports and others.

There are many technical details in the license that only a good professional in the field can guide and verify that the licenses are installation compliant. Due to the complexity and quantity of technical parameters (frequency, power, emission type, antenna type, antenna gain, geographic coordinates) it is essential that the network manager knows the project engineer responsible for the project, avoiding granting proxies to third parties (unknown). ). All licensing or renewal of the grant generates farm obligations with Anatel. So granting a power of attorney to an unknown professional who has not even inspected the telecommunications system can be a terrible business.

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