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Russia’s first drone mail delivery was ‘misplaced’

The company called the media to attend the launch ceremony of the first drone mail delivery

Primeira entrega de correio por drone na Rússia - Notícias Minuto
Russia’s first drone mail delivery was ‘misplaced’

A Russian drone was on its way to make its first mail delivery in the town of Ulan-Ude, Siberia, when it eventually lost altitude and hit a wall hard, crashing just minutes after it took off.

The machine was tasked with delivering a small package to the neighboring village at a ceremony to which locals, the media and the rulers were called.

The images show the drone rising from a small launch pad with the Russian Post Office logo and flying through the sky for a few seconds until … it loses its height and collides with a building.

All this in front of the completely perplexed onlookers.

No one was injured during this incident except, of course, the drone that was totally destroyed.

Source: [Minute News]

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