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Sale of Radio Communication Equipment


Radio communication differs from other media in terms of the number of people that can be integrated in the same channel facilitating the interconnection between them.

Another advantage that stands out is the economy, since the service is not priced. After purchasing the system, company employees can communicate at will, at no additional cost. The economy is even greater if we consider the durability of the equipment, on average 10 years.

Through the Radiocommunication system, it is possible to coordinate teams and work fronts, since users can interact in real time and it is possible to customize the equipment to meet specific needs, according to the organization’s profile.

Radio communication is widely used by water utilities, electricity, public safety, large, medium and small industries. Unlike mobile operators where the service is up to three users. Another advantage is that the service can be tailored exactly to the customer’s need.

See a complete list of advantages of radio communication:

a) The service is not charged, after the investment in the equipment is used 24 hours a day without additional costs.

b) Can be customized to meet the needs of your company.

c) The effective tool for coordinating teams and work fronts, since all users are aware in real time of the progress of the service.

d) Equipment durability of at least five years, as opposed to nextel handsets.

e) Robustness: Good quality professional equipment meets the requirements of military standards for temperature and impact, making the cost / benefit even more attractive.

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