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School transport: why escort um com DVR Veicular?

Transporte escolar: por que escolher um com DVR Veicular?

At the present time, we are not resolute that one of the main concerns of the population in general and how to obtain insurance in our daily lives. There are not two school transports, at the implantation of a system of vectoral monitoring, through DVR (Digital Video Recorder) technology and a more efficient way of guaranteeing both passenger and motorcyclist safety.

O Veicular DVR is a device that enables or monitors school transport through non-veiled cameras installed. With the use of such ferramenta, you can observe or behave as children and adolescents, in addition to being able to connect or DVR to GPS, allowing you to be responsible for accessing the exact location of the vehicle and other information, such as the speed used, for example.

In addition to providing vantagens to the country, this veicular monitoring system is also advantageous to the owner of the vehicle, because it represents an extra protection in situations of roulette, theft, incidents, vandalism and other cases of crimes that may occur within a vehicle. Another important benefit is to monitor vehicles characterized by the lack of self-service. Through the monitoring of daily cameras, it is possible to identify more quickly technical problems and solve them, guaranteeing or complying with the standards of qualification and safety of school transport.

In addition, or Vectoral DVR allows the country to detain um maior control over a surety of its two edges, allowing Saibam suas localizações e to observe their behaviors, case desjem.

Not that it refers to or owns school transport, this system of monitoring vehicles is also internally controlled over or over the automobile, thus increasing the durability of two mechanical components, in addition to diminishing the cliffs of possessions and accidents. This set of benefits tornam or DVR is an essential escort to guarantee a safe and secure two-way passage.

Dane Avanzi é advogado, director superintendent of the Avanzi Institute and director of Átimo Solutions.


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