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Smart TVs can pose risks to your privacy. Know how to protect yourself

Smart TVs can pose risks to your privacy. Know how to protect yourself

Smart TVs can pose risks to your privacy. Know how to protect yourself

By Dane Avanzi

When we think about leisure, watching our favorite show in the comfort of home can be one of the first things we think about. But when we talk about digital security, Smart TVs are not one of the first technologies we associate with risks and data leaks.

Smart TVs – which started to appear in mid-2010 – bring interactivity to the programming, with the possibility of marathon a series in streaming services, access YouTube channels, post on social networks, transmit information from a smartphone to the screen and , of course, watching television.

Data from IHS Markit show that 70% of TVs sold in the past two years, worldwide, were Smart models. Like any device connected to the internet, Smart TVs capture relevant data and information from users at all times, including, some models have a camera and microphone to personalize your experience and can capture your image and voice.

Privacy on Smart TVs

Today, with the internet of things increasingly present in our routine, we are able to connect devices and gadgets in our homes, but we forget how important it is to protect our privacy at all these points of contact.

According to Dane Avanzi, director of Grupo Avanzi and telecommunications entrepreneur, care is needed when using the available connectivity functions. “The more interactivity, the more access channels will be available to people with malicious intent and the greater the concern with security,” says the businessman.

TVs hackeadas
How to protect your Smart TV against cyber attacks – Source: Dialogando | Vivo

“Basically, we should take the same precautions when using a computer. Access videos and content online only on trusted sites such as YouTube, Netflix, among others. Pay attention to sites that offer free content, because together with the content, they can compromise Smart TV with specific viruses ”, says Dane.

Using official apps, keeping the operating system up to date and never connecting your TV to unknown Wi-Fi networks are the first steps to keep your Smart TV protected. In installed applications, it is important to avoid using bank details and credit cards.

With the conscious use of the internet of things, our lives can be made much easier, whether it is watching a movie on Smart TV or receiving newsletters through an intelligent assistant. ?

Source: Dialogando | Vivo

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