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Solar energy capture may be mandatory in Union buildings

Recently, a draft decision approved by the Constitution and Justice Commission reported that public buildings for use by the Union, whether under construction, rented or under renovation, may be required to install solar energy capture and capture, storage and utilization systems. rainwater. The project also establishes that in the case of existing buildings, these systems should be implemented as soon as the building is renovated.

Senador Lindbergh Farias (PT-RJ)
Senador Lindbergh Farias (PT-RJ) – Foto: Estadão

According to Senator Lindbergh Farias (PT-RJ), there is a forecast of a fine of $ 5,000 to $ 50,000 for any public manager who does not include the installation of both systems in the bidding documents for construction and renovation of buildings of the city. Union. The fine does not include other criminal, civil and administrative sanctions.

The proposal is very favorable and important, according to Lindbergh Farias, and for this and other relevant reasons the project may become mandatory. However, the senator expressed his concern about managers who do not have enough budget for the proposed works in the project and exempted those who fit this situation. In this case, Lindbergh Farias states that it is not appropriate to impose the punishment when factors outside the will of these leaders prevent the performance of the service.

The purpose of the bill, according to the senator, is to combat the water crisis and reduce the consumption of electricity. In her opinion, Lindbergh commented that the use of rainwater is one of the main alternatives to combat the current water crisis. The use of solar energy is also one of the best practices of sustainable development, contributing to the environment and reducing the consumption of polluting electricity.

If approved, public agencies will have one year to adapt after the regulation is published by the Federal Government. The project goes to the Environment Commission (CMA), where it will have a final vote. According to industry research, the generation of clean energy from photovoltaic solar panels is leaving the world of technological experiments to enter the daily lives of the population.

The implementation of photovoltaic energy, a solar capture method that allows the generation of common energy, meets all types of necessary services, such as light and electronic equipment. In addition to being a relevant, encouraging and stimulating action, it also achieves, over time, a resource saving, produced by replacing polluting and non-renewable energy with sustainable sources.

Captação de Energia Solar - Grupo Avanzi
Solar Energy Collection – Avanzi Group

To be able to harness this alternative, clean and sustainable energy, experts say that tax incentives are indispensable for the future of solar energy in the country. According to industry reports, Brazil must and is experiencing high growth over the years, due to the country’s solar radiation and economic incentives.

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Source: [Solar Portal] [Earth]

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