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Successful Cross-Border Communication Test between Norway and Finland

On June 13 and 14, about 40 rescuers from Finland and Norway gathered in Karigasniemi, a village in the Utsjoki municipality of Finland to test cross-border communication between countries.

Teste bem-sucedido de Comunicação Transfronteiriça entre a Noruega e a Finlândia - Grupo Avanzi
Successful Cross-Border Communication Test between Norway and Finland

Norwegian DSB collaborated with Finnish Erillisverkot to connect the emergency networks of the two countries, Virve and Nødnett.

Recently, representatives of fire and rescue services, health services, police, customs from both countries, as well as the Finnish border guard met in northern Finland for two days to test radio terminals and cross-border communication.

During these tests, rescuers were supported by the DSB and Erillisverkot technical staff. On the first day the parameters or terminals were tested and adjusted. They also demonstrated the functionality that cross-border communication offers. In advance, the new FINO speech groups were programmed into the operational organizations’ radio terminals and the test users were added to the neighboring network.

Day two was set for a test scenario in which end users played a single scenario with border crossing and first aider interaction. Among other things, it was found that a Nødnett user could call Nødnett home via Virve in Finland and vice versa, while it was tested that a radio terminal connects to his home network more than once in the country. First responders also communicated with control rooms in the north.

“It’s good to see that most of it is already in place during the first interconnect user test,” said Atle Rørbakk, DSB’s user tester.

In addition to the fact that the next cross-border communication service has to work technically, it is also important that guidelines and procedures for use be established.

“Cooperation with the Finnish emergency services is very good and everyone contributes to making this a good tool that benefits the population,” concludes Atle.

Cross-border communications with Finland will be launched as a service in Nødnett in the fall of 2018.

Source: Translated and Adapted from Website – The Critical Communications Review

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