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Technical Operational Training

Capacitação de Eletricistas

In order to reduce costs arising from displacement and technical areas, the Avanzi Group has developed theoretical and practical training with minimum notions of diagnosis, prevention and best practices and radio communication management.

The Avanzi Group, a pioneer in the field of Radiocommunication training, has innovated once again, launching a new type of training in the market, this time for electricians.

The objective of the course is to train electricians from the plants themselves, making them able to perform small installations, perform preventive and corrective maintenance and also sorting equipment to send authorized technical assistance with details of the defect.

The major goal of the course is to reduce the cost of moving technical teams to the customer and reducing equipment downtime. The training enables users to install mobile and base stations, reprogram equipment, taking into account the legal requirements relevant to the tasks.

In addition to the technical matters related to the main object, the training addresses important aspects such as the use of appropriate equipment, the necessary tools to perform the tasks, and the option to purchase the complete KIT for the professional performance of electrician services.

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