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Torres Environmental Licensing

Licenciamento Ambiental de Torres

Environmental licensing is a fundamental instrument in the pursuit of sustainable development. Its contribution is direct and aims to find a balanced relationship between the economic action of man and the environment where it operates. We seek the compatibility of economic development and free enterprise with the environment, within its capacity for regeneration and permanence.

According to Conama Resolution 237/97, ??environmental licensing is an “administrative procedure whereby the competent environmental agency licenses the location, installation, expansion and operation of ventures and activities that use environmental resources, considered as actually or potentially polluting; in any form may cause environmental degradation, taking into account the legal and regulatory provisions and technical standards applicable to the case. ”

The Avanzi Group has expertise to license telecommunication towers. Check out some of the services we perform:

-LP, LI and LO Request
-CADRI Request
-Request for Technical Opinion
-Legal Environmental Plant Elaboration
-Licensing Process Tracking
-Environmental Critical Analysis of the project

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