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US FCC imposes ‘Antenna Act’ to speed up 5G networks

The complaint and the rules are very reminiscent of what was approved in Brazil in 2015 and called the Antenna Law

Lei das Antenas promete acelerar redes 5G
Antenna Law promises to accelerate 5G networks


The Federal Communications Commission, the United States telecommunications regulator, has passed a national rule to shorten the licensing deadline of stations, specifically small cells, with a view to accelerating infrastructure deployment for 5G.

“Some local governments do not like this standard. They would prefer to continue extracting as much money as possible from private sector fees and forcing companies to navigate a regulatory maze to successfully deploy wireless infrastructure, ”fired FCC President Ajit Pai when the new regulation was approved on Wednesday. / 9.

The rules adopt a maximum time limit of 60 days for the installation of small cells when the previous structure already exists, or 90 days if the installation involves new towers. And they provide for limits on the fees charged by determining that they should be close to the costs associated with bureaucratic procedures – the FCC has warned that it will present what it understands as reasonable values.

According to CTIA, the US business association representing US mobile operators, “installing a small cell takes only an hour, but it takes more than a year to get approved to deploy.”

The complaint and the rules are very reminiscent of what was approved in Brazil in 2015 and called the ‘Antenna Law’, which provides for a maximum of 60 days for municipalities to grant infrastructure licensing. Here, however, the article providing for automatic authorization was vetoed if this period was exceeded. And as a result, without teeth, the law had little practical effect. So much so that there is a mobilization by a government task force, Anatel and private initiative to convince the municipalities to adopt the legislation.

Source: Digital Convergence

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