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We provide Operational Training for Radiocommunication users.

Treinamento Operacional para usuários de Radiocomunicação

In the corporate environment, the climate of change is very intense. To meet this demand, the Avanzi Group has created a didactic training for users of telecommunication services.

Many problems with radio communication systems are not about deployment and installation, but about how the system is used. This is because some users are unaware of the nature of radio communication, its advantages, disadvantages and limitations.

Although media such as cellular telephony are similar to radio in that they use electromagnetic waves to propagate, they have drastic differences between them. The main one is the difference between full duplex communication (when talking and listening at the same time), phone case and half duplex (when while one user speaks the other listens) radio communication case.

Other aspects regarding use such as equipment conservation, differences between iwc watch and portable mobile radios, speaking objectively, are essential for the radio communication system to provide agile and effective communication to its users.

Count on Avanzi for your Radiocommunication Operational Training.

The main contents covered are:

-Equipment Care
-Equipment hygiene workshop
-System Rationalization
-Operational Techniques
-Evaluation for results measurement
-20-minute movie display with real situations
-To achieve the highest quality we adapt the above topics to the company culture.

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Dane Avanzi
Marketing Manager Grupo Avanzi
Superintendent Director of the Avanzi Institute


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