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What you need to know about VHF / UHF radios and Anatel rules

All two-way radios sold or imported to Brazil must comply with Anatel Resolution 242.

What you need to know about VHF / UHF radios and Anatel rules

This certification ensures that the equipment complies with the technical requirements to avoid causing interference with federal government operations, private licensed operations, and other authorized operations or equipment.

Those who think it is only bureaucracy are mistaken. Many of these non-Anatel certified devices violate one or more Anatel technical requirements that ensure rational and regular use of the radio spectrum.

For example, some of these jagged slides may be modified to broadcast publicly and other terrestrial move channels, which they are not allowed to use. Others are equipped with the ability to exceed the authorized operating bandwidth, which is 12.5 kHz for UHF digital systems for example. Based on this, many of these radios have the potential to negatively affect:

– Public security
– Aviation
– Federal, state and local agency operations
– The privacy and security of private users

Implications for non-compliance

According to Anatel, failure to comply with this decision around VHF / UHF radios and Anatel rules may result in significant fines.

What do you need to know

Coordination and cooperation between users and vendors of VHF / UHF radios and Anatel rules is essential to minimize interference with all authorized spectrum users, including government and public safety operations.

Know the consequences of operating clandestinely

Resolution 1290 Anatel (See full resolution here)

Two-way radio communications can increase productivity, improve resolution time and protect workers. However, it is essential that they comply with Anatel regulations. Based on this, whether you are a manufacturer, importer, retailer, or radio operator, it is important to take time to learn about Anatel’s rules governing equipment authorization. In addition, as a manufacturer, importer or dealer, you must ensure that all two-way radios and accessories that are electronic or have electronic components are properly certified and labeled as Anatel compliant. Also, it is imperative to check that these devices and components cannot be easily modified.

To learn more about proper use as well as the performance benefits of using two-way radios, browse our blogs. And to implement a two-way radio system or ensure that it complies with Anatel regulations, request a free consultation with the Avanzi Group.

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