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WhatsApp cloning: how to protect yourself?

cloning of whatsapp

WhatsApp cloning: how to protect yourself?

By Dane Avanzi

In recent years, cybercrime has become a global concern on the agenda of Banking Institutions, Governments and players in the digital world, such as telecommunications operators, website and e-mail providers, among others. To get an idea of ??the “damage” 65% of the world’s adults have already been victims of some type of cyber crime, according to a recent report by Norton, a company that operates in the field of digital security.

Cybercrimes occur in a variety of ways, from online scams via various platforms, to fraud on social media profiles, culminating in obtaining bank passwords and credit cards, usually through Prishing, an email in which the hacker makes himself go through your bank or credit card company. One of them, however, has attracted attention especially here in Brazil, where the WhatsApp application is widely used. I mean the cloning of WhatsApp. With more than 1 billion users in the world, this APP, which fell in the Brazilian taste, is responsible for much of the exchange of messages, in real time, free of charge.

The first applications capable of monitoring your phone number, were designed for Parents to control their children’s communications and routes. The activity until then was not illegal, since the person responsible for the child or adolescent has the Power and Duty, for that. The activity becomes illegal when the monitored person is a third party, who has a right to privacy violated.

Anyone who has been hacked knows that the headache is not small, because of the possession of your WhatsApp, in addition to the person impersonating you, and with that, creating all sorts of constraints, in addition to changing passwords and causing financial losses even . To prevent this from occurring, some precautionary measures are necessary. The main one is to activate the double check feature of the application, the procedure is quick and helps a lot. Another door that can be closed to hackers is not to use the web feature, synchronizing your device with your notebook.

It is also important not to send messages with sensitive content through this email, and, if necessary by urgency, use the good old SMS, which has the most robust protection of your mobile operator’s network. Here in Brazil, the General Data Protection Law, passed last year will take effect in mid-2020. In Europe and the USA, the law is already in effect and companies that manipulate and store third party data have to prove that they use processes and good practices suitable for storage, handling, deletion and even contingency plans for any information leaks, resulting from cyber attacks, human error or internal fraud. It should also be noted that sensitive data, such as photos and digital, require an even greater degree of protection.

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